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The exclusive sacred geometry and color therapy designs of the Chakra Balancing Quilt Set© and Chakra Balancing Sheet© are available only through Golden Threads Fabric Art™. 

Browse for beautiful, hand-made color therapy and chakra balancing tools, bags, one of kind items, or request your custom order. All items are hand made and blessed with the healing energies of Reiki by Master Reiki Teacher, Cay Bowman



Chakra Balancing Prayer Flags

vertical flags cropped.jpg
Verticle 6&7 close.JPG
Verticle 3.4.5 close.JPG
verticle 1&2 close.JPG
vertical flags cropped.jpg
Verticle 6&7 close.JPG
Verticle 3.4.5 close.JPG
verticle 1&2 close.JPG

Chakra Balancing Prayer Flags


Using sacred geometry each of the 7 flags of this set measure 3.2”x2”, a golden mean rectangle. Each set is individually hand made and painted.

A bead is placed between each flag, and strung with a gold colored cord measuring approximately 34” with a hanging loop on each end. The flags are constructed of cotton fabric.

The flags' colors represent the 7 major chakras, and the corresponding Sanskrit symbol is hand painted on each one. (Chakras are the wheel shaped energy centers on the auric body as described in the Vedic tradition).

It is designed to hang above an entry doorway with the intention that it would remove the detritus energy of the day and prevent it from entering the home. They may also hang in the car, above your bed to meditate upon, or anywhere you want to be reminded of your balance and harmony with The All . 

We believe colors carry a vibration, and our eyes the scanners that take in that energy. Thus to look upon each color is to nurture the Chakra and strengthen it. The combination of color, symbols, sacred geometry, prayer, and intention may create powerful healing.

Constructed like prayer flags, it is also possible to write your intentions with permanent marker on the corresponding flag.

Red is for Support and Abundance
Orange for Creativity 
Yellow for Empowerment 
Green for Relationships and Love
Light Blue for Communications
Indigo for Intuition 
Purple for your Connection to Spirit

If your flags are hung outside in the elements, as they deteriorate it is thought to take your prayers into the world.

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