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Cross Body Lifestyle Bag


The exclusive sacred geometry and color therapy designs of the Chakra Balancing Quilt Set© and Chakra Balancing Sheet© are available only through Golden Threads Fabric Art™. 

Browse for beautiful, hand-made color therapy and chakra balancing tools, bags, one of kind items, or request your custom order. All items are hand made and blessed with the healing energies of Reiki by Master Reiki Teacher, Cay Bowman



Cross Body Lifestyle Bag

butterfly purse.png
gratitude purse.png
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butterfly purse.png
gratitude purse.png
open purse.png

Cross Body Lifestyle Bag


 Designed using sacred geometry, these bags are lovingly hand made, infused with Reiki, and measure approximately 8" x 5" with a 42" strap, a perfect size for your phone, wallet, and absolute shopping essentials. It even has a key clip to keep your keys handy. The outside is made of high quality cotton fabric, and the inside lining is  high quality cotton fabric or brocade.  Each bag is hand painted with images symbolizing prosperity, good luck, abundance, etc. and infused with Reiki throughout the design and production process. Some are embellished with hand made polymer clay beads, buttons, and Swarovski crystals. Each bag is a one of a kind work of art.   So leave your big, heavy purse at home, and strap on this beautiful  "Lifestyle Bag".  


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Gratitude Bag:  The Japanese symbol for Gratitude is painted with gold colored paint on black baground.  The flap and inside lining is of dark blue brocade. This bag is further embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Butterfly Bag:   Butterfly is a symbol of transformation and freedom, moving through different life cycles of
renewal and rebirth helping  you to focus on your own personal metamorphosis.
Butterfly also symbolizes lightness of being, playfulness,elevation from earthly matters, 
the world of the soul, and the psyche.
On your spiritual path it represents the many stages to enlightenment.
Additionally, butterflies are beautiful creatures. This bag has a cotton fabric lining, a toggle closure and a beautiful pink Swarovski crystal.