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I had received Reiki treatments in the past, that were very helpful. What I experienced while I laid on top of Cay's Chakra Healing Sheet was significantly different! We set the intention for healing, and I immediately went into a very deep relaxation. I believe this experience was facilitated by Cay’s chakra healing sheet. I could feel the love and healing Reiki energy she put into every stitch of the sheet. She also holds a powerful healing presence of genuine love. I felt very peaceful and totally pain free for days after this session. Thank you Cay for this healing experience. I look forward to using my Chakra Healing Sheet in my energy work.  Love, TC, Danville, VA


We LOVE our Chakra Balancing Quilt! It feels great, it’s beautiful and it has the most marvelous, comforting, grounding, balanced energy to it. It stays on our regular sleeping bed year-round! This was a great wedding gift between us and we highly recommend anyone acquiring one of these….excellent for energy work treatments too…knocks the socks off clients….they love it too.  Cay’s creation is completely amazing and wonderful!                                                   Margo Ross Sears & David Sears, NC


I am diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had several major surgeries. I have a Chakra Balancing Quilt for personal use, and Reiki practitioners and massage therapists have used it while working on me. My experience has been that the quilt clearly enhances the therapeutic benefits of both Reiki and massage when used in conjunction with them. I often sleep with the quilt when I am not feeling well and wake up feeling refreshed, balanced and energetic. I would highly recommend the quilt to individuals, massage therapists and Reiki practitioners. The investment pales in comparison to the benefits you and your clients will reap.             Shelly, Reiki MasterTeacher, Virginia


 We love using Cay's chakra balancing quilt in Reiki sessions. It is cozy but breathable, so people don't get hot when its being used because its 100% cotton. Also, its very pretty to look at and helps people know where the chakras are located. It definitely enhances the energy session.    Carolyn, Burlington NC


 I received one of Cay's Chakra Balancing Quilts as a wedding/birthday gift from a very dear friend. I use it regularly during the warmer months in my private practice. My patients report feeling very secure and peaceful beneath it. The pockets are nicely centered on the chakra centers, and are handy to place stones and crystals in for the work I do with my patients. I find that my Quantum Clearing, Arcing Light, Reiki, and Shamanic Healing patients alike all benefit from the Chakra Balancing Quilt. I use it during both in-person and remote (distance) healing sessions. I feel within it the vibration of absolute unconditional love; what better to gift my patients with?                                                                                         Marcia McCollum-Hebrank


 I simply couldn’t resist ordering a custom version of Cay’s Quilt as soon as I saw one. I immediately liked the positioning and practicality of the stone/crystal pockets that keep them in place despite movements. Cay was total accepting and understanding of my needs for both an extra long twin size (to fit my hospital bed), as well as adding a removable fleece layer for added warmth This may be something massage therapist want if using massage creams/oils in conjunction with the Quilt for ease of cleaning, or just wanting an easily removable layer of warmth. Cay is a very caring, dedicated artist and Reiki Master who puts love in every stitch - thank you for this blessing!                   Dan Krebill  


This quilt is amazing as well as beautifully constructed. I laid the quilt over me one evening and immediately felt a warm, wonderful energy. After 15-20 minutes under the quilt, I felt calm and serene, centered and connected, and really didn't want to come from under. I suggest all energy workers that deal with this modality experience this quilt for themselves, and I'm positive your clients will love it also. I know I do.                                                                                         Ray Johnson, Burlington, NC